Friday, October 4, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #4 - What's going on... ?

I have never ever before fancied picking up a crochet needle until recently. It's that darn pinterest again... So many tutorials and amazing projects to see.
When I was younger, I was too impatient with knitting and was happier with a needle and thread. So even though I've been in awe of many handmade crochet goodies, I've just looked on with admire and respect.
So, what on earth happened to get me to pick up a hook and get creating? A new niece, that's what!
My new niece is due in January, and I want make something for her. Since I have a beautiful sewing machine, I seriously thought about making a quilt. I received a handmade quilt for my little man when he was born earlier this year (made collectively by the peeps at Craft Pimp ) and it's so treasured, really precious to me. But I don't really have enough time to be downstairs in the hobby room. I wanted something that I could do in the evenings after the dude is in bed. After many YouTube videos and scouring pinterest for tutorials, I managed to make some granny squares successfully. In cute green and lilac, edged with white, it's going to be a baby blanket that they can use in the Moses basket.
It's not quite finished yet... But will be soon!
Here's a sneak peek.

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