Sunday, October 13, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #13 - My Christmas Wishlist

I've been window shopping on Etsy this evening!
Oh man there is some wonderful stuff on there.

I'm so glad that they have started doing Etsy vouchers in GBP.
This means I'll be able to put Etsy vouchers on my Christmas list!

But ... here are a few of my Christmas wishes :)
(Just in case the hubster decided to pop along to my blog, I will tweet the link and hopefully he'll get the hint! ha!)

I so love to craft... so some things like these are on my wishlist!

Because I love clouds
Because I adore kingfisher colours
Because I'm a bead addict
Because I'm a Fat Kitty Fan
Because I adore handmade silversmithing


  1. I've started my Christmas wish list in my head, but I haven't put it out on the web yet or told my sweet husband. He's one of those that if he knows I want it, then he's going to go get it for me. Then. (I'm lucky. I know. I give thanks for him all the time)

    Found you from Blogtoberfest!

    Jen - Pierced Wonderings

  2. Oh no not even thought about a wish list yet! I always leave things to the last minute, always regret it too. Dashing about trying to sort out what to get and only days to go! Totally bonkers!!! E x