Friday, October 18, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #18 - Sunny autumn

I met up with a friend today in Tübingen. It's such a beautiful town. Full of cobbled streets and old beautiful buildings. The weather was absolutely glorious as well. Not cold at all, perfect autumn day.
We had our babies with us and strolled round the town, did a bit of shopping, had lunch and ice cream in the park.
My maternity leave is fast coming to an end. I'll miss days like this!


  1. Oh, I remember Tuebingen - and miss it! Glad to hear you had a great day with your friend. When will you be back at work?

    1. Back in January! It's hurtling towards me like an ICE train! It's been an amazing year, just hope things haven't changed too much when I'm back at work! Every time I walk in there visiting, there are new faces.