Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to make a Button Bracelet! - FREE TUTORIAL!

This week, I came across a great pin on PINTREST that showed a gorgeous, simple, chic button bracelet, and I thought... "hey! I want to make one!" I have also been trying to think of an idea of a tutorial to submit to the Craft Pimp Tutorial Challenge too, so I decided to take pictures of how I made my version of this button bracelet so I can share here on my blog, and elsewhere on the web in my favourite places.

I searched out buttons from my stash, and ribbons too in colour coordinating colours and was happy to make a start on it. It's not usually the type of jewellery I make, so I was lucky to have everything for it without having to go to the craft store (which is a good thing, otherwise I would have bought lots from the craft store that I do not need! *lol* )

What you need ...

  • One bunch - Emroidery Silk
  • 40cms - Ribbon
  • 26-32 approx - 4 hole buttons (the amount of buttons of course depends on the desired bracelet length and the  size of the buttons)
  • Scissors
  • Big Eye Needle

I built up sections, 2 buttons with an individual tied connection with the embroidery silk. I tried doing many weaves through many buttons, but I ended up either in a tangled mess, or the structure of it was too weak. So, through trial and error, individual blocks of 2 gave it a strong structure (remember also to tie the string tight)

I built up these buttons up to the desired length of the bracelet. Connecting each button to the next with embroidery silk.
You can try building, and weaving sections of 4 at a time if you wish - as you think best for time saving, but remember saving time may not be the best for the structure, Ensure that each section is tied and secure, and that the buttons are firmly in place, and you are on to a winner ;)

Simple eh? Well - almost there ... Now it's time for the ribbon. Which is used as a nice design feature as well as your "clasp" As it is also used to fastne the bracelet when worn.

Weave through the buttons, like above - and there you have it!

A cute, simple button bracelet.

Friday, July 29, 2011


Right, I know a lot of you signed up to my blog to see the things that I am making, the creative stuff - and I can only apologise about the past few posts about having something about the house! (I know that you didn't sign up to get info on a house build ... )

BUT ... please ...  I need to share my excitement!

from this ...
Land (25.06.2011)
to this ...

hole (01.07.2011)
foundation (15.07.2011)
to this ...
Cellar WIP (26.07.2011)
to this ...
cellar WIP 2 (27.07.2011)
and today ... to this ...
Cellar Ceiling (29.07.2011)

Crazy progress this week ... Now on Monday the bricks will be delivered for our ground floor!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Recent happenings ...

Hey everyone!
Hope you are all well!

Not much creative going on at this end, the past few weeks have been controlled by car sales, car hunting and getting the bus to and from work (boo!) which honestly crushed my creative motivation. I have to say though, that this is partly because since I was getting the bus, I had plenty of time to read ... and of course then I have had my nose stuck in books even in the evenings rather than beading!

So today - I have no updates on what I have made (there have been a few button earrings, so I'll show you them later in the week) but just an update to show you my new car and recent pictures of the house build.

I wanted to have a 2 seater, cabrio car. I think it is because I'm starting to feel all grown up (getting a house, getting married) that i have had a mini mid-life and wanted an impractical car! So here's my tigra. We hunted for a few weeks to get the right car at the right price, and when we saw this one, it was a no-brainer. She's a pukka little motor and has been well looked after. I'm loving the sunny weather now!

and maybe you are following our house blog, but if you are not - I am happy to give a quick update to say that we now have the start of our cellar wall.

We are having a few problems regarding our prject manager and the electricity connections, so if you want the full gory moody details, you are welcome to pop over to the blog to read about the triumphs and the troubles.

But, that being said, regardless of the minor itty-bitty niggles and troubles, finally there is progress on the house, and progress is a fine fine thing.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Creative Spotlight - Lucinda @ Minerva Jewellery

Today, I'd like to write about Lucinda of Minerva Jewellery.

Lucinda  has a passion for making classic, contemporary and alternative styled jewellery designs in silver and gold together with gemstones and glass.

Her work really is admirable and enviable because the skills and designs she has are stunning.
She is a wonderful silversmith, and it is always a pleasure to follow her FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM to see what she has to offer.

I really adore her patterned rings (they come in many designs) since I have read "The Hobbit" recently ... this one has to be my favourite with the dragon scales.

She offers also jewellery in Chainmaille, and this bracelet in particular can be found in her Etsy shop ... beautiful eh? :)

and my goodness how cute are these earrings... must get them added to my pinterest

So happy to know her, and to see her creations, she is always full of inspiration.
She is part of the "Craft Pimp Forum" with me and some other wonderful crafters. Remember, if you are a crafter of some form ... photography, jewellery, papercraft, what every your craft ... come in and chat :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Angels and Sunshine - Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Hey Folks!
Hope you are all doing well. Thought it best that I should come on here and give you an update of what is going on here in Germany with me.

Let's start first with my latest pendant necklace.
Recently, I have seen other jewellery artists be really inspired by my necklaces, and in turn, these necklaces have inspired me to make another! It's great how things work out like that.

So - colour scheme was the first hurdle. I have previously done one with soft pinks and pearls, one that emulated blue skies and pearly clouds ... so this one I had come across some rich yellow beads in many hues of sunshine - from bright yellow, to golden ambers and thought that wuld be the next suitable colour scheme.

It's also been put in straight away to my Etsy Shop - and I hope that someone will covet it!
I still have an angel wing in my stash ready to be made up into a pendant like this ... if you have any ideas for colour schemes, let me know :)

Now onto life ... if you are following our House-blog (which is about the build of our house, now underway) you will already know that the foundation has now been laid. Joe and I went to look at it on Friday... again our excitement levels rise a little bit more ... with every brick and stone we'll get more excited and impatient.

I sold my little car 2 weeks ago ... miss it like crazy already, not just the convenience that a car brings,  but of course the fun of driving. I am now on the lookout for a new one. I decided that I would like a 2 seater car, just for fun - maybe I am having a premature mid-life, because I am craving to have a car that is less practical, and more ... umm, silly and impractical! *lol* (preferably a cabrio). Nothing has sparked my interest so far, but I am not in a rish, the journey to work by public transport isn't too inconvenient.

I am also excited to report that I have won not one, but TWO blog giveaways today. How lucky am I? Will write up a full blogpost about that when I have pictures to share. Meanwhile, you can check out PINTAIL JEWELLERY, and COBWEBS CACHE

Love to you all, will post again soon - I hope that my creative beading mojo will make something more this week! x

Monday, July 4, 2011

British Summer Gardens

A friend said to me not that long ago - that no matter how hard he tried, he could not grow an English lawn in Germany. The climate in south Germany of course not the same as the climate in England means that the feel of grass under your barefeet is completely different ... no matter how much you water it.
The grass is more sunbaked, and therefore not as soft.

When I was in England the other week - being barefoot in my sisters garden of course made me think again about how the wet UK weather enriches an English Garden, making it a lush green Eden ...

When Joe and I move into our new house later this year, it may be too late in the year to lay the lawn and do the landscaping - so I might have to wait another 9months or so before I can really enjoy having our own garden.

But that hasn;t stopped me dreaming ... I have already started collating images on my "Pintrest" account for inspiration ... but also today I created an ETSY TREASURY - British Summer Gardens using some products from the members of the Etsy CraftPimp Team that remind me of back home
Click here to see it in Etsy

Hope you like it! ♥