Monday, October 14, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #14 - still going strong

I'm still going strong on the granny star Afghan. I'm wanting always to start other crochet projects, but I'm determined to finish this before I move on otherwise it'll never get finished.

It's reached an acceptable size now for a baby, but since this is going to be for a two year old. I want it to be much bigger. How much bigger is the question.

I'm just going to keep on going I think.
Maybe so it has 3 sections of red, 3 sections of blue... And however many white that'll mean too. Probably with a little edging too. Can't you tell that I'm not really planning this? I'm just going with the flow until it looks right!

I'm already through the white will that I had bought, need to get some more tomorrow. I am probably going to need more blue and red too but it's all guesswork from me on how much exactly, I may just get one at a time and then make multiple trips back to the store if necessary. It's a bit extreme, but I really do want to avoid building a big stash of wool.

My quota per day is to get done one block of colour (4 rows) but of course, since it's getting bigger and bigger this is getting harder to achieve. I will continue to try though.

On a happy note... I am happy with how my crochet is turning out. Each stitch is nice and neat and the tension is good too. So nice to have improved so much within 2 projects! At the beginning it was even a challenge to hold the wool to get a good tension.

I think even now I could make more things and give them to more people as presents too and be proud of what I make!

How would you make it for a 2 year old?

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