Saturday, October 5, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #5 - Something for me ... !

It's rare that I make something for me. Normally the jewellery I wear is the jewellery that my husband has bought for me (I'm a Swarovski addict!) or jewellery that I make for the sake of making, and then it ends up with me. I never, purposefully go into my bead stash, and think "right, well - what do I want for me?" and being unrestrictive with the materials.

Well, I had to change that! I collected some of my favourite beads (which was a task in itself) and I ended up with these ...

Turquoise coins, ceramic bird (and beads), handmade lampwork and green agate.
I just wanted that 'pebbly' look, the beads work so well together!

Teamed with sterling silver of course!
Have you made anything for yourself recently?


  1. They are lovely beads and make a beautiful bracelet. I seldom make things for myself, and I do love bracelets so maybe I should make one. I do have a gorgeous Swarovski one that someone lovely made for my wedding and I like to wear that but it is about time I made something for me.
    I am enjoying reading your blogging.xx

    1. Thanks BBB
      You should make something for you! :)
      Oh in so happy that you still love to wear your swarovski bracelet! x