Friday, December 9, 2011

The Crafter..oo! Mystery Package Challenge

Ooooh Crafter...ooooooo! The new mag is out on the 1st January 2012.

I've had a bit of a stress getting my projects in, but they're all done now, and I can relax ...In the mag,  I have one project lined up, and I have written the blog reviews again ... (which is always my favourite bit, as it means my research is to catch up on all the wonderful crafty blogs that I follow ... hehe!)

On top of the features that I have written, I prepared a "Mystery Package" Challenge for members who were up for putting their crafty skills to the test. I know a lot of hard-core crafters at Crafter..oo! so the challenge was well received.

I decided not to participate in the challenge myself, as I did not want to be biassed on the supplies that I selected. I wanted just to go to my stash, bust out some fabulous things that go wonderfully well together... put them in piles and send them off!

I don't know if you're like me, but choosing the supplies for a project is an exciting part of the process. to be honest, it's probably my favourite part of the crafting process - as you have all the fun of pondering, mix and matching, brainstorming ... and this time I did not have the pressure of thinking what I would make with the selection. Instead I could concentrate purely on the aesthetics of everything ... not the practicality of what they'd be like in a project. Pure bliss!

1 piece of beige material (approx A4 size)
Lace and Ribbons
Beads and Buttons
Clear Cabochons
Vintage Paper taken from an old book

What would you make?

I have seen now all the creations that were made from these little packages - and I just want to say that they are more creative than what I could have imagined! Inspirational pieces. If you want to see what's been made - the big reveal will be in the E-Magazine - available for download from the 1st January!