Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sheesh! What a week! Part Three ...

Finally ... (you must be getting sick of me today!)
Just a quick final post to show you some sterling silver earrings that i have made this week.

Inspired by the popular "Angry Birds" game ... cute little birdie earrings, with sterling silver components ... for a bit of cute, fun jewellery to make many people smile!

They will be in my DaWanda shop next week for sale, won't put them up today as I am away all week with work.
Hope you like!

Sheesh! What a week! Part Two ...

I thought best to break up my posts today - as there has been a lot going on :)

Next to report is my creations for the Noodle Bubble - HANDMADE HEART SWAP my goodness, i could not forget about this! Things need to be in the right place by Valentines, and to date I had just daydreamed about what I was going to make for this swap... and not done anything about it. *rolls eyes*

So ... now, I had my gluegun in hand, YES!
This was the number one reason why i had wanted a glue gun, as I wanted to make something that wasn't necessarily "Beady" and had found THIS KANZASHI FLOWER TUTORIAL and was completely distracted by it. I just HAD to try it ... and then thought of a way to incorporate it into something "hearty" hmmm ... little leather heart centre piece ...

Still have not decided what to make it into ... i think i will use it as a focal bead on a necklace.

I also made a brooch for the swap ... this is a monster at about 10cms diameter.
Also - some earrings ... you can't stop me making jewellery as well, i want this little swap package to be a delight to receive!

These have handmade beaded beads (yeah i made them myself!) haemitite hearts and sterling silver components! and another pair ... that are just plain and simple for everyday/any occasion.

oooh ... i almost forgot ... I had a play with my gluegun and made these little hairpins, I am unsure if they will go into the package, as they are not too well secured onto the grips ... hmmm, may have to remake, or replace these ...
so, this little project is now almost complete ...
Will post again soon to let you know what i have done with the little white flower :)

Sheesh! What a week! Part One ...

Hey everyone, well - what a week this has been. I hardly know where to start.

On Monday ... my engagement ring arrived!
Joe proposed at the stroke of midnight at New Year on the marktplatz in Brugge, most romantic for Joe (very surprising as he isn't romantic!) Straight after i said "yes" then came the "you have £££ to spend on a ring" so for weeks later we shopped online, in shops ... searched for inspiration, and the more i looked, the more i realised i wanted something "timeless" and "classic" ... afterall ... with loads funky designs out at the moment ... certain ones will look so dated in the next 20 years, so I opted for a simple solitaire diamond ring, platinum with a 6-claw setting. Will look as good in 50 years as what it does today.

It was also my birthday earlier this week, I turned 29, and here I am in the last year of my twenties. Which is going to be a very exciting year! Our house should be built this year ... my wedding is coming up on New Years Eve too, and Joe and I have said that even though we are going to enjoy it, it will be a relief when it is all over as then we can relax!

So, on Tuesday (my birthday) both Joe and I had the day off work - I REFUSE to work on my birthday, it's a right - if you are going to choose any day in the year to do what you want to do ... then what day would that be? Your BIRTHDAY obviously :) 

We got up and out at a reasonable time in order not to waste the day, and headed into Stuttgart for Breakfast. Where we were both naughty and we had a slice of fabulous german cheesecake, and we mooched around the city ... checked out the sparkles in the swarovski shop and headed home soon after. We've lived in Stuttgart now for almost 5 years, and really there isn't thrilling on the high street once you have seen it more than 10 times!

Once we were home, I opened cards and presents ... I got a kindle, Iron Man 1&2, Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray (can't you tell I have a thing for Robert Downey Jr ... ) lotsa cash and a pair of irregular choice shoes! They are so funky!

 ... so as it was fast approaching lunchtime ... I asked to go to the local micro brewery for lunch plus it was next door to a DIY store, and I had been coveting a new glue gun for the past month or so once I had a project in mind.

So, Gulash for lunch, Mmmmh! I lurrrve Gulash ... and a new glue gun for the grand total of 5 euro! Bargain!

... Back home, played with my new kindle, ordered a new book and read that for a while (i am going to be a bookworm for a while i can imagine) it's very handy having one, considering we live in a foreign country, English books are limited, plus the standard delivery from can be tedious ... so it is perfect for an expat ... especially an expat who travels a lot with work on planes and stuff :)

Then ... out to the Cinema - "The Green Hornet" yeah it was OK, harmless entertainment, funny in places but not as good as any marvel comics ... I do prefer the real Marvel comics movies *dazes off into a daydream about Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man* ahem ... you almost lost me there!

On route home, went to O'Reillys (our regular haunt) Irish Pub in Stuttgart-West for a quick beverage ... and then to Goi, my favourite Thai restuarant, where i had a Red Thai curry ... Mmmmh! Oooh i could just eat one of those again now!
and after that .. .well, i was overfed and absolutely knackered!

We wondered back home and fell asleep on the couch ...
Perfect birthday ... busy, and a very happy day!

Friday, January 28, 2011

January Moods ... Necklace ...

First thing is first ... you may have already seen this before ... as I have been "pimping" photographs of this baby since mid-week. Pimping it out at all of my usual haunts ... Bead Buddies, Crafteroo and of course my Flickr account ... and now i am here at my blog... days later!

Surely the blog should have the exclusive, non?
Hmmm ... will definitely keep that in mind from now on.

Recently I have rekindled my obsession with blogs.

My blog, strangers blogs, friends blogs, foreigners blogs, picture blogs, wordy blogs, people who can waffle on for hours, people who like to post competitions, gossip, tutorials ... Really there's not much that I don't like to read, especially when blogs following people who are interesting in beading, or other crafts - papercraft, sewing, lampworking ... and the list goes on!

So, this creation is dedicated to 2 blogs that I am a follower of ...

Operation, tackle that bead stash!
who posted a "January Mood Board" with a purple/gold colour theme.
Oooh yeah purple and gold, a colour theme that really made me want to create something ... and ...

djinn rummy
Lesley posted a version of this necklace in a red valentine colour theme (absolutely lush!) and pointed readers in the right direction of where to go find the free tutorial.

Put the 2 together, and I got this necklace.
It is now in the safe hands of it's new owner :)
If i was to do it again, i would change the colour of the thread, i used a gold (having no purple thread in my stash ... shame on me, afterall purple IS my favourite colour) and you can see it through the swaros, ho-hum ... lesson learnt. :)
Hope you like it! ♥ :) ♥

and of course ... a link for the tutorial for you ...
The Garden Necklace

Monday, January 17, 2011

A few little things from some beading forums ...

Maybe you are a beader like me, and maybe you love competitions?

The Bead Buddies UK forum have a quarterly challenge, with a chance of winning a voucher from The Bead Shed ...

Rules are:
- Your piece must be unique and a 'one off' to you and challenge you to something out of your comfort zone.
- You must enter a piece into the relevant category, for your experience (Beginners - 0-18 months experience / Intermediate - 18 months -3 years experience / Advanced - 3 years or over)
- pieces submitted should come with a short description detailing what inspired you to make your piece and how it challenged you.

and a competition is always open, so if you feel up to it ... get your bum over there!

I entered in the last quarter, I created a piece that was inspired by a fellow beader Lynn Davy I wanted really to capture her style, but of course not to copy (a fine line that i am not sure i didn't cross *eek!*) but i see her inspire lots of beaders, so i jumped on that bandwagon and dedicated this piece to her ... and if you know me, you will know that beadweaving to this degree really is out of my comfort zone, as i am far too impatient. But, it was a success ... and I won in the intermediate category! *yay!* I can also let you know, that she saw my entry and she loved it too :)

and also check out BeadersOnline ...
The BeadersOnline January/February comp, where you can win the Miyuki beading kit, as below.
It comes complete with necessary beads and instructions for you to make the bracelet! It is very sweet. ♥ The competition is open until the end of March ... so there's still time to enter. There has already been some fabulous entries, so check out the forum to be nosey!

So, that's it from me this time ...
take care 

Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 ... wow that came round quickly!

Hey Everyone!
Well, I honestly can't believe that August was my last post ... yeah i am shit for keeping up with this thing, i know i am ... need to stay dedicated to this blog and do all your heads in!

So, what's gone on since last time ... a fair few things that's for sure! ...
Building a house in Germany ... if you are interested ... check out
I also got engaged! *yay!* Ooooh that's exciting too! So much to talk about!

But ... onto the Smitten Kitten side of life ...

Lotsa projects that I want to do ...
- Resin jewellery (or at least some components, cabochons)
- Spring Necklace collection (already in work ... think, Gemstone clusters, sterling silver pendants, and slinky long chains)
- Spring earring collection (I dunno about you, but I love the angry birds game and my earrings are inspired by those cute tweeties!)
- Recycling crafts (newpaper bags, handmade padded envelopes, recycled paper envelopes ... )
- Cupcakes! hehe!
- Getting better at my German (have recently joined a beading forum here in Germany, so I can mingle with likeminded gals and improve the language skills at the same time. Have already agreed to go to one of their meet ups next month, so I'll take some pictures and let you know how i get on.

Keep tuned in ... i promise to show you all the crafty projects that i do this year, plus i will also be keeping my eye out for other fabulous handmade goodies by people i know

so ... until next time (soon hopefully!)
take care!