Friday, March 2, 2012

Wire plus Resin equals...

I do worry about myself sometimes ... about some style of jewellery that comes out of my head.
Once upon a time I used to think that I had to make something that I thought everyone would like (an impossible dream) I cared so deeply about what people thought of what I made... but taste is subjective, and with time, I learnt more about my taste and other peoples tastes and how different everyone is.

Once I deeply accepted the fact that I wasn't out to please everyone, afterall, this is my hobby, it's not a business. I have been a bit more unrestrained with what I have made and have just gone for it - unleashed myself and just created without expectations.

Now, I try to make jewellery that is to my taste, this doesn't always work out - as what I have in my head at the start, versus what actually comes out at the end sometimes can have quite the opposite effect. But still, I have learnt more just to go for it - see what happens, laugh at the outcome or relish the wonderful results ...

I recently acquired a new resin kit - and ot round to playing with wire and setting them into coloured resins... I have been playing for weeks! Nothing really was any good, I was just learning the best ways to set the resin with the wire... this week I thought I'd move on to the next step and actually make some jewellery with this new technique.

I started off with a doodle, which is an acheivement in itself because I rarely plan ahead what I am going to make. I chose to doodle it out,because I have already used up a lot of the supplies with my mucking about these previous last weeks - and felt that having a definate plan would result in a finish product, with minimal waste.

Now that these are made, I like them, but I think that I shouldn't. I can only imagine someone with a very confident style wearing these, and since I don't wear such confident in your face accessories, they are too loud for me.

I like each unique little leaf with the different shades of resin and leafy shapes. I like the fact that each earring is quirky and quite different from the other. I don't think I'd be ever able to make perfect symettries - so I'm going to have to accept the assymmetrical pieces as a design "quirk" yeah that's the word ... it's not a flaw, it's a "quirk" !!!