Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #6 - Lazy Sunday Times

Hello everyone! Hope you are well :)
Sunday again, I swear the weeks go so fast for me.
Not much is happening today, it's completely relaxed. My son is happy bouncing round on his belly around the lounge. Playing with balls and stacking cups plus chasing the cat. My husband is happy watching a film whilst I surf the net, catch up loads of blogtoberfest posts from other bloggers and eat cake... Tasty German cheesecake. The slice was so big it's taken me over an hour to eat it!
Regarding anything crafty... I have done lots today. I've started on the table runner... And I've continued with the crochet baby blanket.
The table runner will hopefully get finished tonight. It's all pinned up and ready for the sewing machine. I'll get to the hobby room after my bubs is in bed.
The baby blanket would have been finished today... But I've ran out of white wool. *groan* the squares are done, they are pieces together and I've started the edging. I will have to pop out to the mall tomorrow to get enough to finish it plus some wool for my next project! Well tell you all about that sometime this week.
Hope you're having a nice relaxing weekend.


  1. She's back - and I didn't see it.
    Hope all is well and happy crafting!

  2. Oh, cheesecake, my favourite! I hope not too much extra falls in your basket when you're shopping! That always happens to me. *g*

    1. Haha... ! Funny how that happens! X