Thursday, October 3, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #3 - It's a nice day for a beer ... or two!

As I mentioned the other day, we have visitors! My mother and father in law are here visiting, which is lovely. We've not seen them for a few months (excluding Skype of course!) so we have been looking forward to seeing them.

Today was a national holiday here in Germany. It's the anniversary of the Berlin wall coming down, so now there's a national holiday to celebrate it. All the shops close here on national holidays, so the best thing to do is go out and eat and drink!

We are lucky though at the moment, the Canstatter Volksfest is on! Heard of Oktoberfest? Yeah of course you must have, well, this is Oktoberfest but in Stuttgart. Which means it's not as busy - but just as enjoyable.

Big beer tents, live music (German schlager music! urgh! but who cares when you're full of several litres of beer!) dancing on tables, great food, fairground rides, lots of people dressed up in Dirndls and lederhosen! It's wonderful, it really is.

Surprisingly, the in-laws have never been. So we had to go and show them.
Here are a few photos to show you how our day has been!

Litres and Litres

Fairground rides
Busy Busy day!

It's been great!
Have you been up to anything interesting today?


  1. Looks nice and sunny, cheers

  2. Love the photos - how I wish I could make it to Stuttgart for the Folksfest every year!! Hope all is well with you and the family!! xoxo

  3. Yay looks like you have been having a great time :-D

  4. I love me a bit of Oktoberfest. We had a bit of it last week when we were in Germany. I love your blog (visiting via blogtoberfest). My blog is: