Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The start of my 3D Mosaic Flower - Part 1 of 4

I've had a project stuck in my head for what seems like ages now. At least 6 months I'd say. Inspired by this "PIN" on pinterest [follow me here] I saw this amazing 3D mosaic flower that was truly inspiring. Inspiring so much so that I had to make something 3D and mosaic, (jump in to the deep end why not?!) Previously mosaic projects had never really inspired me. I'd never really looked at mosaic projects and thought "Yeah I wanna have a go" but this one got me daydreaming about making one of my own.

The mosaic experience I have is watching the husbeast tile the mosaic backsplash in the kitchen, or I'm sure I must have done it as an activity as a child, but I cannot think if I have done so or not! So - trust me, I'm no expert!

I'd imagine you learn to mosaic by doing nice flat things - trays and mirror frames, I have even thought about starting on a more simple project like that before attempting the flower to get used to working with the putty and playing with mosaic tiles - pfft, I dont know if I can be bothered with that! I just wanna get stuck in, learn by doing (learn by making a million mistakes - probably) and not starting with those simple projects - afterall - the 3D sculpture part of it is what has drawn me like a moth to a flame.

Hmmm ... Supplies ... Well, I haven't yet got everything - but I have enough to START.
• Alu-mesh (I got it from the DIY store about 4 months ago!)
• Plaster of Paris (Bought from Ebay about 6 months ago!)

So, husbeast went out to the pub last night - and once the baby was in bed, I went down to the hobby room, whilst watching a few of my favourite programs made a start on building the mesh.

I'm thinking tulip ... so, I cut out large petal shapes from my alu-mesh. Free-hand cutting.

I then attached them together by using craft wire. I used the wire as you would needle and thread, weaving in and out making look like a sewn seam. It does not have to be neat, it will be covered eventually.

Note: once you've cut the mesh - my god it can get prickly! Scratches, pricks, prods and pokes - I think I should have attempted it wearing long sleeves because my arms were itchy from all the contact with the cut edges, luckily no blood! Afterwards, I soothed my arms after I'd finished by putting antiseptic cream on! - so next time I do this, I'll be working with long sleeves for this part for sure!

I also added a mesh base, attached with the craft wire - and it started to look like princess lillifee's crown rather than the bulbus tulip shape that I want. So with more wire, I pinched the petals a little further up ...

Looking much better! I wish I could take better photographs of this stuff. It's a nightmare!

Next step will be to cast it in the plaster - the messy bit! I'm not a big fan of playing with messy sloppy stuff ... but it has to be done! I'm looking forward to having it cast into it's shape.

So, to be continued SOON! I'll probably find the time one evening this week to continue :)