Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heavenly thoughts ...

Well, it was only yesterday that I showed you all my new spring cluster pendants, and I have had such happy lovely responses from many people online (Flickr, Crafteroo!, Bead Buddies, etc) that i couldn't get them out of my head.

Yesterday I also told you about my sterling silver angel wing charms that would be perfect for the same project. It was writing my blog that i thought of the idea to use a soft muted colour tone cluster with the angel wing ... well, I just couldn't stop daydreaming about it... so, here it is ...
But, this one is available for sale, I will probably put it up in my Dawanda shop in the next few weeks, or with any luck i may get an enquiry or two about it ... I haven't yet worked out a price for it - I must figure that out before i advertise it on my FACEBOOK page.

I still have 3 more pendants to play with - but with 2 weeks of heavy travelling with work (this coming week Hungary, next week America) that they are going to have to wait until i get back.... or maybe i can make time for making another one today! I had thought of another angel wing pendant, but with blues and creams ... very much like blue skies and clouds ... hmmm ... must go and see if I have suitable beads! What do you think?

Anyway girls, i'll probably be offline for a week or two due to the work travelling schedule. Take care, and i'll see you soon!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Too early for spring?

Some people would say that it is, and it probably is ... Stuttgart is probably destined for more snow, even though the past 2 weekends have had a fresh spring breeze and a comfortable temperature of about 15oC
With these past two weekends giving me a spring feeling ... It's shown in this weeks creations, and I am starting to get a little excited about the change of weather.

I have participated in a swap on a German bead forum - My swap-partner expressed a preference for pendants that hang on long necklaces. searching through my bead stash I found that i had some 22" chains (not that long, but the longest that I had) would be a good start ... and on further searching on what i should do for a pendant, i decided on clusters of beads ... oooh i love clusters of beads ... i love things that are tactile and intriguing to look at.

So, i started collecting complimenting colours of beads - any shape, style, all in complimenting colours ... wanting a clean, bright mix that were a nice combination. Then, away i went putting them all together with sterling silver wire and chain.

One thing i love about this, is that not all beads need to be the same, indeed when they are all different - it's a great reason to look though all of those "left-over" beads that end up in your bead soup ... treasure hunting for that last pearl and making good use of it is satisfying, especially when you can't afford or don't have the opportunity to buy any more beads. The sterling silver butterfly pendant was the last touch ... definitely ready for the spring, I sure hope that it will be loved.

With the spring feeling - I also continued to make one for my sister (it's her birthday this week)

details of the bead mix - handmade lampwork beads, semi-precious stones, thai silver, freshwater pearls, glass beads, swarovski elements, murano glass ... anything and every bead could find a place in a pendant like this!

I also have more pendants and chains to make some more ... so i'll show them of course when they are finished. I think I also have angelwings too ... so i am thinking a pearl and crystal cluster in a muted colour tone would be a lovely idea

Hope you like them!