Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Blogtoberfest Day #2 - It all started with a pin ...

Are you addicted to Pinterest? I think I have an unhealthy obsession with it.
It's full of inspiration, too much inspiration! Lots of links to tutorials. I'm addicted to the DIY and crafts section and I pin and pin away inspirational projects and things that I think my followers would like.

It helped me earlier in the year when I was still nursing my baby throughout the nights, and I needed something to stop myself from falling asleep whilst he lay on me. It doesn't take too much concentration. Pinterest has helped me get though many early mornings and broken sleeps whilst my newborn was new in the world.

This piece of blackwork embroidery that I did, is a result of seeing something inspirational and wanting to do it too!

Many months before this was finished, was a little birdie in my news feed ...

I love it! I do love embroidery, but the fact that it was black and white was really striking. "Blackwork Wren" so I searched in pinterest for more blackwork, and soon my eyes were opened to some beautiful patterns.

A friend of mine does cross stitch, so she was lovely enough to give to me some aida fabric and having found the pattern I wanted to do ... I was away! If you'd like the pattern, please feel free to find it on my pinterest board, or just follow me anyway!


  1. They are beautiful, I love blackwork the top pattern is stunning!

  2. I also used to enjoy blackwork, and even (heresy) blackwork in coloured thread, the spacedyed sort where colours fade in and out. I made my Mum an owl picture in Burgundy/browny shades!
    Catherine xx

  3. The link to your Pinterest board doesn't work.