Saturday, March 12, 2011

Angels & Blue Skies

You may remember my mumblings about my next cluster pendant, well finally without any further delay - here it comes :)

I had a very specific design in my imagineation before I started this. The first one came out so well, i had high expectations of myself and was adamant that this needed to hit the mark as well. So much so, it's taken me ages to complete. I have tons of blue beads, but they are such a variaiton of blues, and I had initially started matching aqua colours, and even though it was a gorgeous combo with the pearls, it reminded me of tropical seas rather than the "blue skies" that i was aiming for. But, i got there in the end ... :)

Not much else to report this end, don't want to bog you down with all the work stuff ... wanna keep this log as pretty as possible!



  1. That is utterly gorgeous! Any more to come?

  2. Thanks Donna!
    Yeah there will be more to come - I have some more charms on order, 2 more angel wings and 2 seahorses

  3. Ooh, I shall look forward to seeing those aswell, then. :0)