Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Oooh! Look what I got!

OMLG (Oh My Lady Gaga)… I have soOoOoOo much to catch up on.

As mentioned in my last blog post, I have been travelling with work and have been very very busy. I spent one week in Hungary, and on that week we also had some work colleagues travel there from America for a big project. Then the day after I got home to Germany I flew to America to work near Detroit for the week, then lucky me on the way home I flew via Chicago (the windy city) and spent the weekend there.

Finally Got home yesterday – my mind is still buzzing with jetlag, but I am coping quite well, and am aching to get back into my comfortable “creature of habit” routine… I have 2 weeks’ worth of blogs to read and catch up on! That’s gonna keep me entertained for days!
I think it’s best that I break up my post into two or three, as there is just far too much to cram into one!

First thing is first, (I'll try to keep things in time-order) whilst I was in Hungary – I got a very very big compliment from Anna at Silver Paw jewellery: http://silverpawjewellery.blogspot.com/

She awarded me a stylish blog award. *woop!* Ooooh get me! I am extremely flattered, thank you very much! Not only did I win the award, but she listed 14 other fabulous blogs which I am now following. I personally love blogs, and love people recommending good ones – so when I am also on that list and being recommended to other people – it has made me blush!

I now also have the honour of awarding 15 of my favourite blogs with this award, so if you are here because I have chosen you … here is what happens next
Step 1 - Make a post linking back to the person who gave you the award!
Step 2 - Share 7 random things about yourself
Step 3 – Award 15 recently discovered bloggers with this award
Step 4 – Contact these bloggers and tell them they’ve won the award

So, to my word here are 7 Random things about me … Hope you don’t fall asleep!

1. I took the Myers-Briggs Personality Test this morning, and I am waiting for the results…. I am hoping that it won’t discover that I am a bit of a weirdo – but they say that it’s not designed to do that, it’ll probably just discover that I am a bit ditzy *ahem!* I mean, creative … or that I have feelings and/or I think too much … or it’ll find some other flaw in my personality … will keep you posted on that.

2. I used to smoke 10-15 cigarettes a day and I used to enjoy smoking each and every one of them. I quit because I wanted to prove to my boyfriend (now fiancé) that I could quit. It also freaked me out that I had smoked for 10 years at that point. It was a bad 3 weeks … but looking back, that was all it was … 3 WEEKS … from 15 a day, to none and without nicorette gum … 3 WEEKS … and even though it was a nightmare, it was such a short period of time in the scheme of things. I never had imagined that it was going to be that easy. I also discovered that the key to quitting smoking, is being scared of failing to quit.
3. I went on 62 planes in 2009, 48 planes in 2010 – and my current total for 2011 to date is 14. Because of this I am a Gold member of OneWorld Frequent Flyer Club.
4. All cars that I have owned, have had a name and a personality to match. I ♥ Cars. My current car (Stevie the Fiesta ST) is extra special because he has leather seats – and that leather was made by the company I work for, and I was part of the development team who developed that leather.
5. I had a dream last night that I got fired from my job, I am hoping that it is not a premonition. I don’t think it is as I also dreamt last night that aliens were planning to attack (but attack nominated postcodes only… )
6. I had a lifesaving operation at the age of 5 weeks, and I have the huge scar to prove it.

7. I wish I took more care of my appearance, and I plan to do something about that

And here is my list … the list of blogs, that give me insight, inspiration, muse, laughter and joy … It was hard to choose, as there are more than 15 blogs that I really enjoy reading In no particular order …

1. http://therabbitmuse.blogspot.com/ – jewellery, inspiration, pottery and facedown Tuesdays ☺
2. http://theseedybeader.blogspot.com/ – sead beads, projects, inspiration and fun
3. http://sparklesmith.blogspot.com/ - jewellery, sparkles, inspiration and laughter
4. http://skinnerstudio.blogspot.com/ – resin, jewellery, tutorials, and smiles!
5. http://re-crafts.blogspot.com/ – recycle it baby, laughter, fun and a creative soul who’ll upcycle, recycle anything!
6. http://tacklethatbeadstash.blogspot.com/ – oooh wonderful inspirational colour challenges for jewellery – a fun group interactive blog
7. http://oblibby.wordpress.com/ - a creative journey of one very creative and patient lady. Great WIP stories and pictures
8. http://noodlebubble.blogspot.com/ – challenges, crafts, open swaps, inspiration and muse
9. http://lesbijouxdeclaire.blogspot.com/ – a very creative gal called Claire, who will dazzle you with beautiful creations!
10. http://djinrummy.blogspot.com/ - what a read, fun life and laughter, creations reaching from plushies to upcycling to beady adventures
11. http://littletreatslou.blogspot.com/ – Laura, another master of the seed beads – a very creative insight to creations, a perfect muse
12. http://delicatesparkles.blogspot.com/ – oooh more sparkles and beaded jewellery creations! Inspirational and full of joy
13. http://bigbluebed.blogspot.com/ - beautiful buttons, crafts and the good life. Highly recommended if you are a crafter and love buttons!
14. http://spiderpixie.blogspot.com/ – lampwork beads, jewellery components, jewellery inspiration, fun and life all in one place
15. http://www.beadistinctive.com/ – beady goodness … all in one place ☺ Mmmmh!

If you love reading blogs, then I recommend the above to you if they sound like your thing.
So,there's still more for me to say, but i'll have to get you up to date another day. I don't want to bombard you with too much info all in one shot!

Take care!


  1. Ooh thanks very much for mentioning me. Better start thinking of my interesting me things. :)

  2. Oh crikey! Thanks very much for mentioning my blog (Delicate Sparkles). I don't think there are 7 interesting things about me that you don't know already. :0) Lovely to see some of the blogs I follow mentioned - and some new ones to look at too.

  3. Thanks for the award Nic and I am so happy that you enjoy my ramblings! *blushing along with you*
    I shall now have to go away and decide on my fav blogs, a hard task indeed to pick 15 as I am as equally addicted to blogs as you! Also need to check out your selection of blogs too! C x

  4. Thanks for the award Nic :) will get on the blog and update it later. I am exactly the same with cars - mine is Suki the Golf and before her I had little Milly the Clio hehe. Will be off for a browse now x