Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Smitten Kitten goes KITTY BALLISTIC! Handmade Heartswap Goodies!

Right, well then - you are probably wondering what the fudge means "Smitten Kitten goes Kitty Ballistic" ...
Well, I should explain, as you may know from earlier blog posts, I had participated in "Noodle Bubbles Handmade Heart Swap" and sent off a bunch of handmade heart themed thingies ... well, I received my swap package too! from Helen at KITTY BALLISTIC CREATIONS because of the travelling schedule I have not managed to take pictures of the goodies and blog about it until now! *tsk tsk!* terrible I know, and sorry to Helen who got worried that it had not arrived because of my tardiness!

So, better late than never ... here is the super cute package ...
full of hearts! I feel like the queen of hearts!
So ... here's a clsoe up of the handmade card ... i wish i had thought to do a handmade card in my package, as it was really such a cute touch, and i lurrrve that pink paper!

Some heart pins, for my sewing work - and I think that they'll get some use, as i am sewing more and more these days

a heart plushie decoration (with the cutest little heart buttons) But i have no clue where to hang it yet. Let me know if you have any ideas.

and finally - my most favourite of all - these little cute heart earrings, origami puffed hearts ... OMLG ... I wanna know how to do those as they are fabulous! Look ... LOOK how cute!!!

so, i feel very lucky to have a wonderful swap partner, who i also know from The crafter ... oo! Craft Forum and of course ... here is her blog again ... KITTY BALLISTIC CREATIONS ... be smart, become a follower as she makes great things and has a blog that is a pleasure to read.

oooh, and again, another thanks to ... Noodle Bubble Blog for organising a fabulous and successful swap.
I hope that my partner has received hers, as I am yet to hear back form her and it is now March! *fingers crossed* otherwise i'll be making another package for her!

Thanks for reading!
Lots of love


  1. WOW!

    Am waiting to hear from a couple now whether they've sent and rec'd....

  2. Glad the parcel arrived safely, and that you liked the goodies. I will point out though, I didn't make the card, I bought a set of them on Etsy a while ago. :-)