Saturday, March 19, 2011

First Impressions ... Packaging

You don't need me to tell you that first impressions count ... and that they count a lot. Especially when you are selling handmade things and you want to appeal to a wide audience. There are many elements where a little goes a long way.

With the jewellery that I made, I scrutinise every piece whilst it's in WIP and re-analyse it just before it's destined for it's new home. Once something is sold, then it gets another thorough inspection again.
I have been known to remake pieces at this point, because if i think that it's not good enough - then I am not scared of pulling it apart and dedicating time to remaking it before it's posted.

One thing though i need to give better time to is packaging.
It really hits home when i buy/receive other things that are handmade. The love and adoration that comes with the little packages really makes me go wow! Sometimes I get sweets, chocolate, and have been known also to get a shower of glitter. (yes thanks Tan!) and each of these little touches really make me smile, it makes me want to go back for more, and I always, always, always enjoy that little pack of gummy-bears that I get sent from a certain lampworker... thanks!

I believe that I am still lacking those finishing touches. I had contemplated gummy-bears and chocolate but they're guaranteed not to last ... I WILL eat them all, and my customers will not get any ... *I have such a sweet tooth!* So until I get more self control, this will have to wait!

So - keeping to basics, I need to improve the presentation of the packaging I use for my jewellery
I want my customers to open the package and go "Ooooh pretty!"

So, over the next few months, there's going to be an array of packaging bags and boxes and tissue paper, ribbons and god only knows what else ... and I will play with lots ... I imagine with practice, that each package will become more pleasant to the eye. (well, that's what i am hoping anyway!)

First little packaging project was for a friend off of a craft forum (check out her blog BIG BLUE BED) who like me is getting married this year. On the forum there has been talking about dresses, flowers, jewellery and of course budgeting and I wanted to make her something for her wedding day. Once I showed her a sweet, sparkly and simple swarovski crystal bracelet ... she loved it, so I made one especially for her.

Next, came the packaging... Knowing the backstory of who it's going to and what it's going to be for of course makes it a million times easier. Wedding ... there I had a colour theme! WHITE of course ...

So, i found some white crepe paper, white ribbons and a white oragnze bag - which luckily was all in my stash

and with double sidey sticky tape ... I packaged up the bracelet like so ... (I like the fact that you can't see the tape :) )
Then came paying with the ribbon ... ummm, well here for sure i need to improve, i need to find some nice/very elegant ways to make bows and swirls and stuff ... I have seen some tutorials for chinese knots, so i think that I might teach myself one or two of those - as they will be a lot better than this spaghetti mess.

I wish i had taken some beads with me to work that day - as i also think some white/pearly beads from my beadsoup collection would have also given it a cute touch.

So - finally into the organza bag, with a little "thankyou" note and a smitten kitten contact card.

So - what do you think?
Pointers anyone?

I am wanting to improve on the ribbons, with either chinese knots and/or paper roses, or even master a nice but simple and fail safe ribbon bow (easier said than done) Would love to know what you think. Constructive critism very welcome!



  1. I think it's really sweet! I've had a delivery come with some cute little fabric buttons before, it's always nice to find a little something extra in the parcel. I think it's the packaging aspect that's stopping me from really trying to sell my jewellery, I just don't know where to start!

    Keep us informed of your progress, pretty parcels to come :)


  2. Wow, your packaging is gorgeous! I've used organza bags for mine and I know what you mean about making packaging into something unique, I would like to add some beads or charms to mine and also include tiny cards. Your packaging hits the unique note!
    Deb x

  3. I think its fab the way it is already!! I would love to receive a parcel that has had that much thought put into it! I do agree though, a little extra, be it beads, or chocolate is always a lovely suprise!