Saturday, March 5, 2011

More Sterling Silver Necklaces ...

Hey Everyone,

Well, firstly I need to say a big THANKYOU for all your wonderful comments on my recent blog posts, I appreciate them I really do - It's nice to know that I am not wittering away to myself because if I was, then I am sure the men in white coats would be along soon ...

It's nice for me to be in Stuttgart (at home) this week - after 2 weeks of travel, it's nice to see and socialise with the cat, it's nice to wake up in my own bed, to shower in my own shower ... and get out my beads to play with.

I was actually hoping to be at home again this coming week, to work in quiet in the Stuttgart office on the project that was related to my trip to America... but... *sigh* ... the boss has put another big project on my desk and now I am off to Szolnok (Hungary) on Monday morning ... and i've got the really early flight *boo!* 5.50am, which means that i need to be at the airport for 5am ... outta the door by 4.30am ... alarm clock at 4am ... seriously that is just not funny but ... it's necessary because I need to be there!

Anyhoo ... This morning, I finished these two necklaces. Again in the same style as you have seen recently, and now you will see where i used those American beads! Wow, the colours are really lovely - when faced with naming the piece, it took me a while to think of it ...

"Wildflower Butterfly"
Because the colours are so subtle, vintage and cute - that when pondering on different thoughts that came across my mind when i was daydreaming about it, then "Wildflower" struck the right chord. I hope that you agree :)

and I made another one with a sterling silver dragonfly pendant as well ...
The cluster of beads in this one really is such a varied selection - completely mixed beads - tried to get all in one cluster to give it an element of intrigue and something to explore. We have, swarovskis, lampwork, wooden, ceramic, czech pressed, shell, semi precious gemstones and freshwater pearls ... maybe more as well ...
The colours are golden, warm, and honey-like ... Mmmh!

Both necklaces are for sale, so I hope they'll sell quickly as I have lots of ideas for the next in the collection ... including seahorses! x

So, thanks for taking the time to read, i hope that if you have the time and something to say, that you will leave a comment!

Lots of love


  1. I think I need a word with your boss! How dare he send you away again when we're waiting for your necklaces! :0D I reeeeaaaally need to see more of them. Soon!

  2. love these pendants Nic, so beautiful