Sunday, February 13, 2011

Heavenly thoughts ...

Well, it was only yesterday that I showed you all my new spring cluster pendants, and I have had such happy lovely responses from many people online (Flickr, Crafteroo!, Bead Buddies, etc) that i couldn't get them out of my head.

Yesterday I also told you about my sterling silver angel wing charms that would be perfect for the same project. It was writing my blog that i thought of the idea to use a soft muted colour tone cluster with the angel wing ... well, I just couldn't stop daydreaming about it... so, here it is ...
But, this one is available for sale, I will probably put it up in my Dawanda shop in the next few weeks, or with any luck i may get an enquiry or two about it ... I haven't yet worked out a price for it - I must figure that out before i advertise it on my FACEBOOK page.

I still have 3 more pendants to play with - but with 2 weeks of heavy travelling with work (this coming week Hungary, next week America) that they are going to have to wait until i get back.... or maybe i can make time for making another one today! I had thought of another angel wing pendant, but with blues and creams ... very much like blue skies and clouds ... hmmm ... must go and see if I have suitable beads! What do you think?

Anyway girls, i'll probably be offline for a week or two due to the work travelling schedule. Take care, and i'll see you soon!


  1. Hmmmm, what do I think? I think I need one of those pendants. Hurry up and make the rest and work out some prices! Oh, and I think the blues/creams colourway sounds gorgeous! xx

  2. Oh they're just lovely, clever you!

  3. I love them. They're so, so pretty.

    Lisa xoxo

  4. Very pretty.

    I love your blog and have awarded it a Stylish Blogger Award.
    Check out my blog at for more info x