Sunday, April 17, 2011

Creative Spotlight - Ruthie's Rambling :)

Hey everyone!

Well, it's been a fair few weeks since I last blogged, this is down to the amount of travelling that i have been doing with work (4 out of 5 weeks away from home ... boo!) so there's not really been much information about what i have been making - because i have not had the time to make anything!

Even at the weekends, I have just been happy to be at home and relax. I have been out in Stuttgart trying on wedding dresses, drinking beer in sunny beer gardens, and hooked to reading books on my kindle (Since the end of January, I am now on my 8th book!) and with the weather being so sunny, Joe and I have been out and about - so really not much chance to do anything creative at home.

I have even been neglecting reading lots of the blogs that I follow, and also have been visiting my favorite forums less than normal.
But, I have been able to do more of surfing the web than anything else, so Craft Pimp gave me a fabulous idea to blog about other great members that you can find on the WWW and of course on the CP forum.

Ruthie - you can find her blog HERE
She is a queen with the seedbeads ... I am going to show you a few of my favourite pieces from her. Her pieces are always very well received and admired across all beading/craft forums. They understandably make people go "ooooooh!" and "ahhhhh" and "how on earth did she make that?!" *lol*

Ruth has a very wide range of styles from this wonderfully cute bookmark with the Cheshire Cat (i absoloutely LOVE THIS! I love my kindle, but creations like this makes me miss real books!)

and there's this amazing urchin bag charm ...

and then there's this scarab pendant she made. Simply outstanding beadwork.

So, as you can see - she definitely deserves this week creative spotlight :)
I don't know how people have the patience to create such wonderful pieces of art.

So, I'd recommend following her BLOG and/or her FLICKR PHOTOSTREAM to keep up to date with what she has been making, as her projects are very rarely "small projects" and if you are lucky - you will always get a sneak peak of a creation whilst she is working on it ... just look at this spiky critter that's being created in her studio at the moment ...
I sOoOoOo can't wait to see how he turns out :D


  1. Love the hedgehog! And please send some sunshine over to Michigan, please!

  2. awwww thank you nicola, what a lovely read, although i can't take credit for the hedgehog being an original design its a kit by alison nash its was supposed to a pressie for my mum on mothers day but as you can tell its a bit late lol

  3. Fabulous idea, Nic. Love your work, Ruthie!