Sunday, May 15, 2011

Planes, Trains and Automobiles ...

Hey Everyone!
Well it's been a few weeks since I last posted ... that is because sometimes I get really distracted and I do fall of the grid and go M.I.A every now and again.
There is always a reason. This time - it was work.
I have been travelling rather heavily and frequently recently to Hungary - the company I work for has a factory there and I have a particular project that means I need to be there a lot at the moment. The project is nearing an end though - I have made great progress and I am hoping to be back into my usual swing by the end of May.

There's so much I haven't yet had the time to do ... I have not yet make my "stash challenge" piece, there are a few more "creative spotlight" blog posts I want to catch up on and tell you about some more wonderful artists ... these will come, I promise.  I also have a few more craft projects in mind that I need to get on with too - so i'll blog about these too!
I have missed you all, I will get as much back on form asap with all my favourite forums and blogs ...

but before I go - here are a few pictures that represent a travelling day for me ... they happen very frequently! I chose a "travelling-home" day ... they are always the happiest!

Get Up, go for breakfast ... Kindle and a cuppa!

Check out and say goodbye to the hotel

Get to work, soak up some sunshine rays before going indoors

work ... work ...

Leave work ... get into the hot wheels hire car

Get on the road ... bye bye Szolnok!

Get to Budapest Airport ... chill out and find my way to the business lounge

free refreshments in the business lounge :)

Get to Gate, read kindle whilst waiting to board

Get on plane, chill out, daydream out of the window

Stuttgart :)

Get the train home

It's probably going to be a few more weeks before my routine really gets back to normal, but I will be trying to get back into the habit of popping into blogs and forums more so in the evenings than i have been doing recently!

Love to all


  1. Hello lovely!!...thanks for sharing. The title is a film I think is hilarious!!..great pics and insight to you life on the road. What book are you reading?
    Take care and catch up soon.

  2. Thankyou! x
    I am reading so many books at the moment, which is one joy about travelling ... lots of time in airports and on planes, I have read 13 books in 4 months ... some randoms, all the Harry Potters, and now I am on the twilight series (on the last one atm) and god knows what's going to be next ... I need to decide quickly though as I'm going to be finished with the final twilight one before the week is out!

    Let me know if you have any suggestions!
    I'm into anything apart from Horror and RomCom. x

  3. Hi Nic, good to see you bac. Erm...books...I have a tendency to pick a book then the darned thing gets made into a film. Happened with lovely bone, time travellers wife and twighlight but most recently I bought Water for Elephants ages ago and have not long got round to reading it and then damn if that is not the latest film. Anyway it is a good book I enjoyed reading it.
    Sam x

  4. think that would all drive me insane as well as make me tired as a super tired thing ... Hope you settle down soon and get some well earned beady therapy...or, you know, 'me time' ;D *hugs*

  5. I am so glad that you see the insanity of the travel too! Lots of people say to me "oh you lucky thing - all that travelling must be so exciting"

    nah - it's just exhausting! I would love it if it were different and exotic lush places every week :D