Sunday, May 29, 2011

Creative Spotlight - Lisa @ Oodles of Obliciousness!

Hey folks!
I have another "creative spotlight" for you today! Yay!
It's great chilling out at the weekend, and catching up on blogs and forums ... it's amazing how many fabulous peeps I read about.

Lisa is amazing with seed beads, she has been beading for a lot less time than I have - and she must have the pateince of a saint, because all the projects i see her working on with seedbeads require patience (that I know I have not got) and such an amazing creative eye.

 My most favourite project of Lisa's is one that has been very recent ... called Siamese Dreams.
Beautiful eh?

 I love following Lisa's BLOG, there's always a good read. She shows great pictures of projects in WIP as well as a sprinkling of life too!