Saturday, May 21, 2011

Operation Kindle #2 - How to make a hollow book! - FREE TUTORIAL!

I love my kindle (yeah you probably have already gathered this!) I have read so many books recently that it has become a comfort blanket for me. I nearly always have it with me - and when I can steal a moment for myself and my kindle, well then i'll take it.

I can be in the best of company - and I imagine I am becoming quite rude and unsociable, but OK, I don't mind being in the pub with my fella and his buds, but if the talk becomes too technical (about beer/football... etcetera) then whilst they're supping booze, i'll be more than happy to curl up in the corner, order a cuppa tea and start reading!!!

I think i am going to have to start separating myself from it ... leave it at home and go cold turkey on it so when I am out in company, I can concentrate on friends, regardless of how technical the subject may become. (!)

So, my previous kindle case project CLICK HERE TO SEE, is still going strong and indeed it is still getting compliments and doing it's job very well indeedy - but, you know ... I had the urge to create a hollow book for it too :)

Hollow books are to keep your valued treasures in, and my kindle may be replaceable, but it is still a  treasure. Also, it is kinda ironic ... a book ... to protect it's big bad nemesis.

Last weekend, I went to the Stuttgart fleamarket. They have one every Saturday in the city centre - so i went mooching for old books that would be a comfortable fit. Concentrating on thickness, width and length - I sized up my kindle so it would fit well within it. (I opened the book at it's first page and made sure that it sat well on it and still had a healthy border of book all around it).

It must have been a good day ... because I found 3 books!

  • Book (Hardcover) size suited to what you need/want
  • Paintbrush
  • Modpodge / PVA clear drying water based glue
  • Scalpel

When the book is closed ... start gluing the eges of the book - like so ... all the way round.

put pressure on it whilst it is drying. Using some form of weight, I used the door stop :)

Once dry ... Open book and mark out with a pencil the outline you would like ... do not go too close to the edge if you can help it.

and then ... get your scalpel at the ready ... start cutting, around the edges.

Keep on going until you have a hollow hole, as deep as you need it to be - in the right size. remember if you are making something to be a snug fit (like me and my kindle) - to keep that handy so you can check that you are cutting the right size and shape!

After a while - you will really see it start to take form.
Once you are happy with the size and shape. Glue the inside paper rims that you have cut and leave to dry. This will strengthen the pages more so.

So - really, then you are finished! Simple eh?
A hollow book, snug fit for your kindle (would be perfect for iphone, ipad too!)
or just a hollow book to hide some other treasure you may want to keep in an unsuspecting place.

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