Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sheesh! What a week! Part Two ...

I thought best to break up my posts today - as there has been a lot going on :)

Next to report is my creations for the Noodle Bubble - HANDMADE HEART SWAP my goodness, i could not forget about this! Things need to be in the right place by Valentines, and to date I had just daydreamed about what I was going to make for this swap... and not done anything about it. *rolls eyes*

So ... now, I had my gluegun in hand, YES!
This was the number one reason why i had wanted a glue gun, as I wanted to make something that wasn't necessarily "Beady" and had found THIS KANZASHI FLOWER TUTORIAL and was completely distracted by it. I just HAD to try it ... and then thought of a way to incorporate it into something "hearty" hmmm ... little leather heart centre piece ...

Still have not decided what to make it into ... i think i will use it as a focal bead on a necklace.

I also made a brooch for the swap ... this is a monster at about 10cms diameter.
Also - some earrings ... you can't stop me making jewellery as well, i want this little swap package to be a delight to receive!

These have handmade beaded beads (yeah i made them myself!) haemitite hearts and sterling silver components! and another pair ... that are just plain and simple for everyday/any occasion.

oooh ... i almost forgot ... I had a play with my gluegun and made these little hairpins, I am unsure if they will go into the package, as they are not too well secured onto the grips ... hmmm, may have to remake, or replace these ...
so, this little project is now almost complete ...
Will post again soon to let you know what i have done with the little white flower :)