Friday, January 28, 2011

January Moods ... Necklace ...

First thing is first ... you may have already seen this before ... as I have been "pimping" photographs of this baby since mid-week. Pimping it out at all of my usual haunts ... Bead Buddies, Crafteroo and of course my Flickr account ... and now i am here at my blog... days later!

Surely the blog should have the exclusive, non?
Hmmm ... will definitely keep that in mind from now on.

Recently I have rekindled my obsession with blogs.

My blog, strangers blogs, friends blogs, foreigners blogs, picture blogs, wordy blogs, people who can waffle on for hours, people who like to post competitions, gossip, tutorials ... Really there's not much that I don't like to read, especially when blogs following people who are interesting in beading, or other crafts - papercraft, sewing, lampworking ... and the list goes on!

So, this creation is dedicated to 2 blogs that I am a follower of ...

Operation, tackle that bead stash!
who posted a "January Mood Board" with a purple/gold colour theme.
Oooh yeah purple and gold, a colour theme that really made me want to create something ... and ...

djinn rummy
Lesley posted a version of this necklace in a red valentine colour theme (absolutely lush!) and pointed readers in the right direction of where to go find the free tutorial.

Put the 2 together, and I got this necklace.
It is now in the safe hands of it's new owner :)
If i was to do it again, i would change the colour of the thread, i used a gold (having no purple thread in my stash ... shame on me, afterall purple IS my favourite colour) and you can see it through the swaros, ho-hum ... lesson learnt. :)
Hope you like it! ♥ :) ♥

and of course ... a link for the tutorial for you ...
The Garden Necklace


  1. Have I seen it before?...Yes
    Do I mind seeing it again?... Are you kidding?, it's fabulous! Well done you. I really want to have a go at this soon.