Friday, January 14, 2011

2011 ... wow that came round quickly!

Hey Everyone!
Well, I honestly can't believe that August was my last post ... yeah i am shit for keeping up with this thing, i know i am ... need to stay dedicated to this blog and do all your heads in!

So, what's gone on since last time ... a fair few things that's for sure! ...
Building a house in Germany ... if you are interested ... check out
I also got engaged! *yay!* Ooooh that's exciting too! So much to talk about!

But ... onto the Smitten Kitten side of life ...

Lotsa projects that I want to do ...
- Resin jewellery (or at least some components, cabochons)
- Spring Necklace collection (already in work ... think, Gemstone clusters, sterling silver pendants, and slinky long chains)
- Spring earring collection (I dunno about you, but I love the angry birds game and my earrings are inspired by those cute tweeties!)
- Recycling crafts (newpaper bags, handmade padded envelopes, recycled paper envelopes ... )
- Cupcakes! hehe!
- Getting better at my German (have recently joined a beading forum here in Germany, so I can mingle with likeminded gals and improve the language skills at the same time. Have already agreed to go to one of their meet ups next month, so I'll take some pictures and let you know how i get on.

Keep tuned in ... i promise to show you all the crafty projects that i do this year, plus i will also be keeping my eye out for other fabulous handmade goodies by people i know

so ... until next time (soon hopefully!)
take care!


  1. Hey you, didn't know you had a blog, off for a trawl through now! Jane (aka gtlady)

  2. Thanks Jane!
    Will defo get back into it this year.
    I've been really enjoying loadsa blogs off the crafteroo members, that i feel i have been missing out! x