Monday, January 17, 2011

A few little things from some beading forums ...

Maybe you are a beader like me, and maybe you love competitions?

The Bead Buddies UK forum have a quarterly challenge, with a chance of winning a voucher from The Bead Shed ...

Rules are:
- Your piece must be unique and a 'one off' to you and challenge you to something out of your comfort zone.
- You must enter a piece into the relevant category, for your experience (Beginners - 0-18 months experience / Intermediate - 18 months -3 years experience / Advanced - 3 years or over)
- pieces submitted should come with a short description detailing what inspired you to make your piece and how it challenged you.

and a competition is always open, so if you feel up to it ... get your bum over there!

I entered in the last quarter, I created a piece that was inspired by a fellow beader Lynn Davy I wanted really to capture her style, but of course not to copy (a fine line that i am not sure i didn't cross *eek!*) but i see her inspire lots of beaders, so i jumped on that bandwagon and dedicated this piece to her ... and if you know me, you will know that beadweaving to this degree really is out of my comfort zone, as i am far too impatient. But, it was a success ... and I won in the intermediate category! *yay!* I can also let you know, that she saw my entry and she loved it too :)

and also check out BeadersOnline ...
The BeadersOnline January/February comp, where you can win the Miyuki beading kit, as below.
It comes complete with necessary beads and instructions for you to make the bracelet! It is very sweet. ♥ The competition is open until the end of March ... so there's still time to enter. There has already been some fabulous entries, so check out the forum to be nosey!

So, that's it from me this time ...
take care 


  1. never a more deserving winner either, such a luscious entry! :D

  2. That is absolutely gorgeous. I love beaded beads and the way you've shown it off is perfect.

    Lisa xoxo

  3. Thanks ladies, if i get the guts to make another one i'll do one with a bit more colour!