Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sheesh! What a week! Part One ...

Hey everyone, well - what a week this has been. I hardly know where to start.

On Monday ... my engagement ring arrived!
Joe proposed at the stroke of midnight at New Year on the marktplatz in Brugge, most romantic for Joe (very surprising as he isn't romantic!) Straight after i said "yes" then came the "you have £££ to spend on a ring" so for weeks later we shopped online, in shops ... searched for inspiration, and the more i looked, the more i realised i wanted something "timeless" and "classic" ... afterall ... with loads funky designs out at the moment ... certain ones will look so dated in the next 20 years, so I opted for a simple solitaire diamond ring, platinum with a 6-claw setting. Will look as good in 50 years as what it does today.

It was also my birthday earlier this week, I turned 29, and here I am in the last year of my twenties. Which is going to be a very exciting year! Our house should be built this year ... my wedding is coming up on New Years Eve too, and Joe and I have said that even though we are going to enjoy it, it will be a relief when it is all over as then we can relax!

So, on Tuesday (my birthday) both Joe and I had the day off work - I REFUSE to work on my birthday, it's a right - if you are going to choose any day in the year to do what you want to do ... then what day would that be? Your BIRTHDAY obviously :) 

We got up and out at a reasonable time in order not to waste the day, and headed into Stuttgart for Breakfast. Where we were both naughty and we had a slice of fabulous german cheesecake, and we mooched around the city ... checked out the sparkles in the swarovski shop and headed home soon after. We've lived in Stuttgart now for almost 5 years, and really there isn't thrilling on the high street once you have seen it more than 10 times!

Once we were home, I opened cards and presents ... I got a kindle, Iron Man 1&2, Sherlock Holmes on Blu-ray (can't you tell I have a thing for Robert Downey Jr ... ) lotsa cash and a pair of irregular choice shoes! They are so funky!

 ... so as it was fast approaching lunchtime ... I asked to go to the local micro brewery for lunch plus it was next door to a DIY store, and I had been coveting a new glue gun for the past month or so once I had a project in mind.

So, Gulash for lunch, Mmmmh! I lurrrve Gulash ... and a new glue gun for the grand total of 5 euro! Bargain!

... Back home, played with my new kindle, ordered a new book and read that for a while (i am going to be a bookworm for a while i can imagine) it's very handy having one, considering we live in a foreign country, English books are limited, plus the standard delivery from can be tedious ... so it is perfect for an expat ... especially an expat who travels a lot with work on planes and stuff :)

Then ... out to the Cinema - "The Green Hornet" yeah it was OK, harmless entertainment, funny in places but not as good as any marvel comics ... I do prefer the real Marvel comics movies *dazes off into a daydream about Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man* ahem ... you almost lost me there!

On route home, went to O'Reillys (our regular haunt) Irish Pub in Stuttgart-West for a quick beverage ... and then to Goi, my favourite Thai restuarant, where i had a Red Thai curry ... Mmmmh! Oooh i could just eat one of those again now!
and after that .. .well, i was overfed and absolutely knackered!

We wondered back home and fell asleep on the couch ...
Perfect birthday ... busy, and a very happy day!


  1. Well, congratulations to your engagement - and ring! It's beautiful! And Happy belated b'day!

  2. congratulations on your engagement. I was chuckling away when i read your blog, because i am the same as you, i believe you should not have to work on your birthday. I turned 29 in November, and i have to say like you my 29th year was one of the best years i ever had, not freaking out too much about turning 30 this now (eeeeeK)

  3. Congratulations and loving the ring, so timeless and sophisticated x