Sunday, July 31, 2011

How to make a Button Bracelet! - FREE TUTORIAL!

This week, I came across a great pin on PINTREST that showed a gorgeous, simple, chic button bracelet, and I thought... "hey! I want to make one!" I have also been trying to think of an idea of a tutorial to submit to the Craft Pimp Tutorial Challenge too, so I decided to take pictures of how I made my version of this button bracelet so I can share here on my blog, and elsewhere on the web in my favourite places.

I searched out buttons from my stash, and ribbons too in colour coordinating colours and was happy to make a start on it. It's not usually the type of jewellery I make, so I was lucky to have everything for it without having to go to the craft store (which is a good thing, otherwise I would have bought lots from the craft store that I do not need! *lol* )

What you need ...

  • One bunch - Emroidery Silk
  • 40cms - Ribbon
  • 26-32 approx - 4 hole buttons (the amount of buttons of course depends on the desired bracelet length and the  size of the buttons)
  • Scissors
  • Big Eye Needle

I built up sections, 2 buttons with an individual tied connection with the embroidery silk. I tried doing many weaves through many buttons, but I ended up either in a tangled mess, or the structure of it was too weak. So, through trial and error, individual blocks of 2 gave it a strong structure (remember also to tie the string tight)

I built up these buttons up to the desired length of the bracelet. Connecting each button to the next with embroidery silk.
You can try building, and weaving sections of 4 at a time if you wish - as you think best for time saving, but remember saving time may not be the best for the structure, Ensure that each section is tied and secure, and that the buttons are firmly in place, and you are on to a winner ;)

Simple eh? Well - almost there ... Now it's time for the ribbon. Which is used as a nice design feature as well as your "clasp" As it is also used to fastne the bracelet when worn.

Weave through the buttons, like above - and there you have it!

A cute, simple button bracelet.


  1. Wow, this looks great - and seems easy. Soon you'll get me beading as well...

  2. interesting..
    how to wear it???
    take some wear it..

  3. Very cool! My daughter will love this!

  4. This might sound stupid, but I can't figure out how I should be knotting the buttons together, every time I try they end up unknotting themselves again.

  5. I tried making it and it turned out a little different for me. I guess it'll just take a little practice. Thank you for the tutorial.

  6. I love the idea of this, but was wondering how you knotted the string...