Friday, July 29, 2011


Right, I know a lot of you signed up to my blog to see the things that I am making, the creative stuff - and I can only apologise about the past few posts about having something about the house! (I know that you didn't sign up to get info on a house build ... )

BUT ... please ...  I need to share my excitement!

from this ...
Land (25.06.2011)
to this ...

hole (01.07.2011)
foundation (15.07.2011)
to this ...
Cellar WIP (26.07.2011)
to this ...
cellar WIP 2 (27.07.2011)
and today ... to this ...
Cellar Ceiling (29.07.2011)

Crazy progress this week ... Now on Monday the bricks will be delivered for our ground floor!


  1. Wow that really came together quick! I looked at your other blog, looks like it will be a lovely new home :)

  2. No wonder you are excited!! that went up very quick, you can tell you are not in the UK! lol!

  3. Wow, it is coming along nicely!