Monday, July 4, 2011

British Summer Gardens

A friend said to me not that long ago - that no matter how hard he tried, he could not grow an English lawn in Germany. The climate in south Germany of course not the same as the climate in England means that the feel of grass under your barefeet is completely different ... no matter how much you water it.
The grass is more sunbaked, and therefore not as soft.

When I was in England the other week - being barefoot in my sisters garden of course made me think again about how the wet UK weather enriches an English Garden, making it a lush green Eden ...

When Joe and I move into our new house later this year, it may be too late in the year to lay the lawn and do the landscaping - so I might have to wait another 9months or so before I can really enjoy having our own garden.

But that hasn;t stopped me dreaming ... I have already started collating images on my "Pintrest" account for inspiration ... but also today I created an ETSY TREASURY - British Summer Gardens using some products from the members of the Etsy CraftPimp Team that remind me of back home
Click here to see it in Etsy

Hope you like it! ♥


  1. Oooh English Gardens - when will you be moving into your new house?
    I have heard more and mor eabout pintrest, but haven't tried it yet...

  2. Good luck with your garden. We're hoping to move from our flat to a house and a garden js one of the biggest draws (even though we have our own garden already, it's not the same).

    Loving that Etsy treasury - must get myself an Etsy shop :)

    Lisa xoxo