Sunday, July 17, 2011

Angels and Sunshine - Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Hey Folks!
Hope you are all doing well. Thought it best that I should come on here and give you an update of what is going on here in Germany with me.

Let's start first with my latest pendant necklace.
Recently, I have seen other jewellery artists be really inspired by my necklaces, and in turn, these necklaces have inspired me to make another! It's great how things work out like that.

So - colour scheme was the first hurdle. I have previously done one with soft pinks and pearls, one that emulated blue skies and pearly clouds ... so this one I had come across some rich yellow beads in many hues of sunshine - from bright yellow, to golden ambers and thought that wuld be the next suitable colour scheme.

It's also been put in straight away to my Etsy Shop - and I hope that someone will covet it!
I still have an angel wing in my stash ready to be made up into a pendant like this ... if you have any ideas for colour schemes, let me know :)

Now onto life ... if you are following our House-blog (which is about the build of our house, now underway) you will already know that the foundation has now been laid. Joe and I went to look at it on Friday... again our excitement levels rise a little bit more ... with every brick and stone we'll get more excited and impatient.

I sold my little car 2 weeks ago ... miss it like crazy already, not just the convenience that a car brings,  but of course the fun of driving. I am now on the lookout for a new one. I decided that I would like a 2 seater car, just for fun - maybe I am having a premature mid-life, because I am craving to have a car that is less practical, and more ... umm, silly and impractical! *lol* (preferably a cabrio). Nothing has sparked my interest so far, but I am not in a rish, the journey to work by public transport isn't too inconvenient.

I am also excited to report that I have won not one, but TWO blog giveaways today. How lucky am I? Will write up a full blogpost about that when I have pictures to share. Meanwhile, you can check out PINTAIL JEWELLERY, and COBWEBS CACHE

Love to you all, will post again soon - I hope that my creative beading mojo will make something more this week! x


  1. Beautiful pendant, I DO covet it! x

  2. Thank you so much for popping by my blog :)
    I adore this and its now on my ever growing wish list of things to own :)

    Have a lovely weekend x