Thursday, June 16, 2011

Creative Spotlight - Vickie @ Beads4Breakfast

Who can eat beads for breakfast? Hehe ... well we certainly can eat Vickies! *lolz*
I have been watching Vickie and her beads progress ever since she first starting making them back in 2009. She and I actually starting experimenting with glass at the same time, but she took off, where as I never had the room to actually continue it (all will change that’s for sure)
So, really watching her beadies grow, watching her techniques get better and better – she has made some very beautiful beads and is now a popular name in the UK lampworking world. She is a great inspiration to me.
Here are a few of my favourites that she has for sale at the moment ... Mmmmh! Beadies!
Such great colours and style
Could quite easily stare into these for hours!
Also great at structural beads too!
So - Maybe you could eat "beads4breakfast" too?
If so - you can find Vickie's website here ... Click here to go to beads4breakfast!
She has a great blog and also an Etsy shop :) everything you need is on her webby!