Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crafter...oo! Button Swap - What I have received! :)

  • I love swaps.
  • I love the challenge to create something in a theme for the swap.
  • I love that little project with an end goal and a recipient in mind.
  • I love the swap jitters that you get when I post my swap package off to my swap partner "is it good enough? Will she like it?"
  • I love the excitement when you realise there is a little surprise package waiting for you at the post office.
  • I love ripping the package open and "oohing and ahhhing" at all the cute little contents!
I have LOVED this swap!

Parcel should include some buttons, a little treat (could be edible - check the details from your partner to see what they like), and something lovely made with buttons or on a buttony theme.

We were partnered up with someone, which i really liked. I could research her likes, dislikes, stalk her on her blog and twitter feed :) and of course she could do the same for me.

So, I will post another time what I made for the swap (as soon as I know that she has received it!)

But ... look what I got!

Lots and lots of buttons :)
Great bright coloured buttons and one mahoooooosive one! *lolz*
edible buttons! (oh yes, these ROCK!)
Some "Thai sweet chilli" crisps - because she saw on my twitter feed how rare they are in Germany
and my most favourite things of all ... these cute hairgrips ... in polkadots! (i love polkadots!)

Mega cute hairgrips, made with material flowers (sme form of very clever origami technique!)

Love them!
Oh ... and if you love them too ... check out Talia's ETSY SHOP!

Thanks to Kitty Ballistic and all the fabulous members at Crafter...oo! Craft forum for such good times! xx


  1. Ooh, great haul. Are those....owl buttons? *giddy*

    Glad you enjoyed the swap, I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone made.