Friday, June 24, 2011

Crafter...oo! Button Swap - What I sent! :)

You may have read a few posts ago about what I received in the Crafter..oo! button swap!
Well, i am happy to blog that my recipient Talia of Liquorice Love, Folded Frippery, and The Tea Mistress, received her buttony package earlier this week! *yay!*

So, first off - once I knew my swap partner, I started stalking her! *lol* (not the crazy way ... honest!) just her blogs, her twitter and her website to see what she liked to see if i could get some little hints of what she may like to receive.

I sent her a few questions through twitter ... "Owls or Kitties" to which she answered "Kitties" so I made a little felt covered pad with a handmade cat on the front.

Since we had to include buttons in our creations ... I used some really teeny-weeny buttons for the eyes, plus also the cat is paying with a button, as well as daydreaming about them! *lol* so stupid really ... haha!

and for good measure, I put in a little handmade glass bead from Mad Cat Glass,

and to accompany the pad, i made a button pen! (which is basically buttons, sewed onto ribbon, and then the ribbon is wrapped and glued round a pen). Cute, simple, quick and easy project ideal to jazz up any boring biro.

and so to the buttons ... hiding in this little box ...

Open to see ...

Lotsa little bags of buttons, some new and some vintage ...

After also figuring out that Talia had a great etsy shop where she makes origami flowers out of paper and material - i decided also to send her some little origami squares that I had had in my stash for a while, but never got round to using. For sure they have gone to a better home!

and finally - Talia could not have a blog called Liquorice Love without having a love for liquorice! So through twitter I asked if she preferred "Sweet or Salty" liquorice ... and she prefers the salty kind! Luckily, the garage around the corner from my house sells them! *woop!*

A final pic of the package ...

Thanks again to KITTY BALLISTIC and to CRAFTER..OO! for arranging a great swap! x


  1. Gorgeous buttony things. I love the cat.

  2. How lucky is she!!..that's one gorgeous package!! lovely thing you..;o)x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous package. I love the pen! (And everything else, actually!)

  4. Thanks Gals! ♥
    I will do a little tutorial for the pen (even though it is probably not required, anyone with common sense can figure out how it is made! *lol* )