Monday, April 25, 2011

Creative Spotlight - SilverGems Designs

Hey everyone, another creative spotlight from me this week, but this time for a wonderful Lampwork artist and jewellery designer called Gemma!

Gemma is well known for her scrumptious big hole beads ... gorgeous ones such as these spotty delights ...
and these, which I am completely in love with ... look at how gorgeous the colours are, and how precise the dots and bumps are.

If you are fascinated by the lampwork arts, Gemma's FLICKR ALBUM shows lots of pictures of testing frits, creating bubbles for shards, and other great creative journeys such as making "twisties" like these ...

and then how they look on the bead :)
Gemma doesn't just stick to the glassy side of life though, she also loves to create jewellery, and her chainmaille creations always impress me
So, let me tell you where YOU can find Gemma :)

I recommend liking her FACEBOOK PAGE
I recommend following her WORDPRESS BLOG
I recommend keeping an eye out on her ETSY STORE
and of course following her on FLICKR

Hope you have enjoyed the Easter Weekend :)

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