Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Creativity :)

Happy Easter Folks :)
I've not blogged for over a week *tut tut!*
Well, i've been a busy gal - I finally got my car! Which makes me very happy! Last weekend we drove all the way to Duesseldorf to see him (yes, OK - the car is a 'he' and his name is Stevie ... yes, i'm a crazy person, yes, I name my cars ... ) and on Wednesday Joe collected him for me, and now I am zooming around the place having such good fun. I'm kinda obsessed with the car at the moment! I'm also a little bit chuffed because he has 'part-leather' seats, and the leather is made by the company I work for! ... If you wanna see pictures ... click on the "Smitten Kitten Gallery" at the top of my blog ... this will take you to my Flickr album, and I have some pictures of the car in there!

So this easter weekend so far for me has been very relaxing. On friday we went for a drive, and we went to see our friends Claire & Pascal ... and their recent addition Luis ... absolutely adorable, and I had to keep the broodyness to myself! *lolz* and yesterday we had a wander round Stuttgart, then when we came back I played and created with beads ... and today ... well it is 11.15 and i am still in my pj's ... I can safely say - it's gonna be another relaxing day!

So - to beadies ...
well, being all lovely and relaxed has helped me chill out and create some new earrings. I don't know what it is at the moment - but I love making them! Here are a few pictures of my favourites :)
These earrings needed no more than the beads ... the beads are so detailed with wonderful flowers, that I named them "forget-me-not" as I think not many people will forget that they have seen these! The beads are handmade by the very talented Dora Schubert!
And some more sterling silver earrings with freshwater pearls :)
I think i might make some of these for me!
I'll be back again in the week :)
Have a fantastic Easter Sunday

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