Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My "GlamPunk" DaWanda Pinboard

My "Glam Punk" DaWanda Pinboard - Click here to see.

Well, I spent a part of this evening looking for Glam Punk accesories and clothes for inspirado, I had an idea in my head for some bracelets - and the closest style i could think of was "Glam Punk" Is it such a thing? We've all heard of Steam Punk ... but Glam Punk is also there, just in the background. So, as a result of the pinboard - I created 2 bracelets.

I have also now added the black bracelet onto the Pinboard too :) Just to see if it matches *lolz*

I think it does!

The Black bracelet has real Onyx beads, sterling silver and thai silver beads - and black ribbon roses. I made these little roses myself, I still need to get better at them!
The Pink one is just the same - but with Candy pink cats eye beads and more ribbon roses!
Hope you like them :)


  1. Hey, you're back! Congrats to your new car & you could have almost spent Easter at my parents house close to D'dorf... As a non-beader: glam punk sounds great as a new quilt pattern name ;)
    Beautiful bracelets!

  2. I like them!

    And you are right!
    They ar so Glampunk ;)