Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Craft Juice Tuesday - "Proud to be British"

Today I have decided to join the "Craft Juice Tuesday" Team, and on Tuesdays will start to post inspirational products featured on www.craftjuice.com that other crafty folks have made.
I am kick starting my frist posts with products that are not just appealing to look at, but also something with a personal connection... "Proud to be British"

This ... I Photobucket

My first car was an Austin Mini ...
and I soOoOoOo would have loved to have had the Union Jack on it!
I am also a big fan of the Union Jack, I actually think it is rather stylish!
I think I got more proud to be British when I moved away to Germany. *strange for some maybe?* I realised that nationality is a label, a stereotype, and it was only when i moved to Germany, I truly understood what it was to be proud to be a Brit!
If you are interested in purchasing any of these items that are featured - just scoot your way over to www.craftjuice.com and search "union jack"

I love the fact that it can be recognised in ANY colour scheme - it is truly an iconic emblem.
So, that's it for my "Craft Juice Tuesday" post!
I hope you like what I have featured!
Until Next time ... byeeee!


  1. Great first craft juice selection - I love that mini cushion!

  2. Great first choices, love the 2nd cushion in the unusual colour scheme

  3. Thansk for your comments gals :) I'm glad you like what i picked! x

  4. Welcome back home - how is the house & car issue going? Not sure if you already made a decicison or are still car-less. Thanks for your comment on my blog - wearing spring socks... and it's raining here.