Tuesday, April 20, 2010

♥ Bubbles & Bows ♥ Necklace ♥

Today I received some hollow transparent beads from the USA :)

I was so happy once they had arrived - I was waiting for them for 3 weeks! My goodness, 3 weeks for a bead addict is a LONG time to wait for beadies! *i think i need help!*

So - at work I had opened 6 of them ... and then stroked them all afternoon like they were stressballs! They were bouncing on my desk at intervals (and i did get a few looks from my male colleagues who obviously didn't understand the excitement) ... and before the men complained or got in any comments - i had to put them away and wait until i got home. Which, tonight - I left right on time - no way was I going to wait any longer to play with these! It's been 3 weeks for goodness sake! ... *lol* by now you are probably realising how crazy i am ...

So, i got home - ripped open the rest of the packages ( i had ordered 24 of these wonders ... and as you can see - i only needed 6)

I had hammered sterling silver rings ordered and arrived weeks ago for this project (sterling silver rings are from Dragonfly Lynn - contact me for details) and the ribbon had also gone through an extensive selection process at the craft store the other weekend once i had realised that the real silk hand dyed ribbon ordered from Sowzere hadn't quite fitted for the bows. Shame ... they are such beautiful ribbons from Sowzere ... but this time, just not meant for this project.

My patience was well deserved, because since i have been dreaming about this design since the beads were on order - meant that i made the necklace first time without hitch. I knew exactly where the beads were going to be, that i was going to do bows, and what the plan was for the findings! In total ... a successful project :)

One that I am quite happy with!
Hope you like it too!