Sunday, March 21, 2010

Springtime inspiration :)

I am so happy that spring has arrived - I don't even care about the springtime showers ... +10 and upwards is so refreshing (albeit not that warm!). I have been really bored of the long winter, and I have been aching to see more sunshine, and now that it finally has ... it does feel like a weight has been lifted!

With this, has brought some inspirado! *woop!*

But before I get to what I have made this week, regarding the earrings featured (and sold) last week - I got a lovely response from the customer, which was so sweet!

I love it when a customer emails me to say how much they liked what they have bought, gives me this warm and gooey feeling inside - and honestly I think that added to my urge for making more things this week. It does also remind me that when I buy other handmade things from other arty fellows, that i should also send them a thankyou email!

I was really lucky again to have another sale this week ...

Sterling Silver with hammered sterling silver rings (from DragonflyLynne) and semi precious turquoise!

Pretty for the summer Photobucket
I have decided to make some more turquoise earrings which are now also in my dawanda shop!

I have been making so many earrings recently, just massaging the mojo ... so at least I am feeling productive whilst my mojo went somewhere warm for the winter! But now the sun is BACK ... I have been making loads! Here's just a few to feast your eyes on!

If you wanna see all, check out my flickr album of my dawanda shop!
They're all featured and ready for sale! Photobucket

I also made a sterling silver, swaro, and cats eye bracelet this week. (which i am tempted to keep myself!) I have used mocha brown, sterling silver spacer beads and components with scrumptious swarovski blues ... which is not a colour combo i use often, but it's turned out very well and very funky! I am thinking of making some more in the near future in other colour combos. I'll be sure to show you!
Please let me know what you think!

So - other than beading - life is also pretty good!
I have not yet found a car (so i'm still without wheels) But luckily for me, I have had the use of the company cars so I'm happy to be patient until the right one comes along. I have decided that I will be buying a Fiesta ST, and with my requirements narrowed down, it usually means that there are only 15 cars in the whole of Germany that are suitable (and some of those are too expensive or have too many miles on the clock) So ... I must be patient, the right one will come along soon.

The week ahead takes me to Szolnok, Hungary ... again! Lots of work to do - so i'll be having a productive week... and on Friday we have another appointment with a bank about a mortgage, our broker has found us a possible mortgage and now the bank want to have a meeting with us, so things are looking up there - let's hope they offer us a reasonable rate! It's gonna be a dream to build our own house!
So guys and gals, off to watch tv in bed! Have a happy week, and I'll post again soon.


  1. Hey, congrats to your blog! Nice jewellery! And trust me this stash report helps to keep an eye on the stuff that accumulates too fast...Tried to become a follower, but somehow it doesn't seem to work right now. Will try later again. Have a decent time in Hungary!

  2. Hi Nic, thanks for the comment on my blog. :0)
    I think your brown and blue bracelet is absolutely gorgeous!!!! Love those colours together and I don't blame you for keeping it for yourself either. I wouldn't be able to part with it.
    Just gorgeous!!