Friday, March 5, 2010

Eh? What's happened here then ... ?!

Oops ... I seem to have gone and opened a blog ... !!!

I can blame a few friends for planting the idea in my head, and of course - I am an avid follower of many blogs myself ... and once being told that i was "behind the times" Photobucket (yes, she who has 5 computers) I thought that I had better catch up quick smart! Photobucket

My blog will be about not just things that I make to go on but also I think that I will include day to day happenings out of my life (not all of the boring stuff - don't you worry!) Photobucket I travel with work quite alot - (but you probably won't hear too much about that - as that can be boring) and hopefully this year, it will be a year of change - as yesterday I have had someone offer to buy my car ... so you'll hear about me finding a new one ... and if all goes really well, then it looks like that this could be the year that we BUILD a house! ... yes, not just buy, but build it too! Photobucket
So, stick around and stick to me if you are a curious nellie! I would really appreciate some followers so then i am not just talking to myself! Photobucket
Lots of Love

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