Tuesday, October 11, 2011

{Guest Blogger} Loki the Bobblecat

Hi, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of my company - let me introduce myself:

My name is Loki, and I have been led to believe by my house-humans that I am a "Bobblecat" whatever that means... I presume that since this word describes my breed, and considering that I only know other cats (not Bobblecats) that it must refer to the gorgeous multi-colours on my furrrrrrrrrcoat, and the fact that I have cheated death ... making me quite obviously a WINNER. If there are any other Bobblecats about, they would be winners too, but I have never had the luck to meet any other bobbles like me *meh!*

This past weekend - life was pretty normal ... I was getting a lot of attention from one of my house humans, who insisted on playing ribbons with me. Oh I love ribbons! The loops, twirls are easier to catch than "chirpers", ribbons are not as soft as chirpers, but still just as fun.

I got confused with one ribbon, as it had symbols on it, numbers and lines ... and the house human was not as playful with me when I wanted to play with this one, I do not understand why! She knows the rules of ribbons... it's fairly simple ... put them near me, in front of me, loop them round my body, run them around my neck, shake them a metre from me, or run them across my fur ... I ATTACK THE RIBBON! That's the rule! You show, you tease, you shimmy and shake the ribbon ... I POUNCE!!! and I'm great at it too ... I will dominate any ribbon that crosses my path.

Anymeow ... this past weekend I had a fairly successful Saturday night out on the hunt, looking for squeakers (you know - the things that squeak when they are squidged in your paws) and after feeling chuffed with my nights entertainment; I strolled back home just after sunrise, hungry for some supper. Food was served promptly as ever and off I went to find somewhere comfy for snoozies. I was very chuffed to find an open suitcase and off I snoozed dreaming about squeakers and chirpies.

When I woke a few hours later ... given a quick yawn and a stretch, I bobbled into the lounge for some food. I walk around in a daze until I have some crunchies, so it is important to get some more food down me for the strenuous next few hours of meandering arounf the house ... but before I reached my bowl, I got scooped up my a human and after a few strokes and cuddles ...

I was suddenly wearing a new collar! 

Bobble darn it! Why am I so dosey when I wake up?

Normally I'd be alert enough to defy such suffering. It was only after I was plonked down on the couch, I realised to the full extent what had happened. I had the humans looking at me, checking out my expression... with machines that flash and there was lots of "oooh so cute" and lots of loving... don't get me wrong, I love the loving ... I'm a creature born to be pampered, it was just the accessory that confused me... Had I missed something? The latest issue of catsmopolitan maybe? or was it in Cat's weekly?  Oh ribbons... is this now fashionable?!

Well, for a further 5 minutes I bobbled round the house, every now and again looking down at the thing wondering if it was going to be a permanent accessory. I'm a diva in this neighbourhood, I don't know if I could face going outside meeting my friends as a cross-dressing-bobblecat, or maybe I could? remember I am the only Bobblecat in this neighbourhood... so trend setting possibilites are possible!

BUT ... Just as I was starting to think that I could set a new style in the 'hood, I was scooped up again for some pamperment and then my new accessory got taken off! Oh thankbobbles for that!!!

Will have to plan my revenge ... after I have played with some ribbons of course!

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