Sunday, May 23, 2010

Sunny Weekend :)

Hello from Sunny Stuttgart!

It’s such a lovely sunny weekend. The sun has arrived just in time for another long weekend! *yay!* I am not back in work until Tuesday! Oh how I love living in Germany – the month of May really does rock!

Yesterday, Joe and I headed down into Stuttgart, because we had nothing better to do and we didn’t want to waste any sunshine so we went round the Saturday flea market, I was hoping to find some supplies, old vintage beads or something to give me a bit of inspirado and creative juice. Amongst the rubbish that some stalls were selling, I came across a stall that sold anything to do with old watches, faces, perspex covers, straps, hands, cogs and other fittings – so how could I refuse to get something to turn into steampunk?

I have not yet ventured much into steam punk, I do not know why – because I love the style and finding vintage elements that fit in so well with it make it so alluring.

So – for a few euros I bought these …

Hundreds of watch hands! They are so thin, such thin metal pieces, which if strung together may only make up maximum a couple of inches in length. Joe found the fact that I had bought these very amusing, he’s never heard of steampunk, and I did not really want to venture in to explaining it to him. I just told him, that anything with a hole is a bead … and to me, these are unusual beads! (He started casually shaking his head at this point, bewildered at the functioning of my creative brain) but I’ll prove it to him… as soon as I can think of something to do with them!

You got any ideas for them?


PS: see this link for the end result ...

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