Saturday, May 15, 2010

Inspired by ...

"Glammed if you do, glammed if you don't"

Which is a fabulous blog that i have enjoyed reading for a while now!
Her feminine fresh style selects such wonderful clothes and style for anyone to drool over, and her blog has been the only fashion blog that I have got in to and been inspired by. Check it Out - Click Here

Earlier this week she put up a fantastic handbag ... where i cooed over the style and soft colours, and then daydreamed about a necklace to match! Well, that was it - I was then on a mission!!!
I got very frustrated when I had none of the right beads that i needed (which is surprising, because I have so many!) But it was a good excuse reason to go to the bead shop!

Unfortunately I could not find the exact colour of ribbon, so i opted for something close to the mark and came up with this!

I would say that it is about 95% exact to what i had initially daydreamed about when I saw the handbag, so definately a successful project! (I hate it when I dream about something, then fail to make it come to life)

 So, what do you think?
Would it look good with the handbag?

It is already for sale in my DaWanda Shop ... CLICK HERE



  1. What a great idea! The necklace turned out very pretty!

  2. Isn't it the best when something actually turns out just right? I love it!

  3. Love it Nic!!...a perfect match..;o)x