Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beadweaving ... still such a hurdle for me

Hello from Sunny Stuttgart!
Today so far has been nice and relaxing. Joe and I went into Stuttgart city centre for nothing in particular, so I felt it was a good reason to go into my local bead shop! Hee hee!

After saying yesterday, that my beaded beads are as far as my beadweaving skills go, it came to mind that I actually have not pushed myself for even trying to get better at beadweaving. ::) I am soOoOo impatient, and love to have things finished in an afternoon.

My impatience for beadweaving also comes from when I was first trying to create something – and I was trying to make things with bad quality non-uniform seedies. Of course I would get frustrated using these! So I turned my back on beadweaving quite quickly after I half-attempted it!

I made a stand at the bead shop … I bought some Nymo, and some Delicas … and a proper beadin needle (can you believe that I didn’t have one before today? That is probably another reason why I tried and failed at beadweaving previously) ::)

Where does inspiration come from?

Last night for me it crept up from “Homes and Gardens” magazine. A lovely feature called small scale geometrics with subtle colours.

Hmmm … pretty!
This one inspired me most …

Oooh … what to do .. .what to do … love the colours … love the shapes … how to be inspired without blatantly copying? I picked the parts that I loved the most, the colours and the petal-like shapes… Flowers then seemed obvious to me.

So, today I chose my delica colours based on the inspirado, and I weaved a flower design from a dusty book that has been on my bookcase for a long time.

Then sewed then together to make earrings

Don’t look too close – there are mistakes! But all in all, not too bad of an attempt at beadweaving. It definitely helps with the right thread, the right beads and a beading needle! Can’t believe I had been trying without the important, right quality materials!

Love to all


  1. The earrings came out really well, congrats! You must have a lot of patience :)

    Hayley x

  2. Weaving beats, that's almost like sewing; well, you got a needle after all... I never even thought about it. Nice earrings! How is your artist of the month project going?

  3. Thanks Girls :)
    AOTM is going fabulous Barb! I am really enjoying it!
    If you wanna check it out ...


  4. Brilliant Nic!!...they are lovely!!...I do enjoy bead weaving, but sadly don't really do that much...never seems to be enough time!...;o)x