Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Creations

Oh it feels good to have a relaxing weekend. The past few weekends, we have been busy with house DIY (well, Joe has!) and generally getting to house up and running to be a comfortable home. Since we haven't really rested since moving in - always busy every weekend, this weekend it's been a delight to do not so much at all.

We went out on Friday night to meet some friends in the pub, and we watched England play Moldova in football (World cup 2014 qualifiers) and yesterday we went out for a wander. I have also had time to make some more leafy-earrings for my Etsy Shop.

There was an autumn challenge on CRAFT PIMP, so leafy earrings in Autumn colours were an obvious idea and a good opportunity to get the resin out again after all these months. They turned out better than what I had imagined they would. Sothey're straight on up and into the Etsy shop.

and then, i didn;t stop there, I made some in some woodland colours.

Nice fun earrings to make. I have lots of colours in the resin, so maybe I need to do some more shapes! I'm stuck on leaves at the moment! Got any ideas?


  1. Ooh they are lovely! I do like leaves so much.
    Any other ideas? Ummm.. more leaves!

    Or maybe flowers. Or can you do butterflies?

  2. Butterflies, dragonflies and flowers are all on my list! :D Good to know i'm thinking of good ideas thanks Alix x

  3. These are lovely Nic, Hearts would be a good shape for valentines day, ooooh what about snow flakes for winter :-)

  4. oooh snowflakes and hearts ... and stars and raindrops too! the ideas are truly flowing now.

    I need to get them out of my head and into resin!

  5. hello, would you make a tutorial please? or do you have a tutorial to buy? ive tried to use resin with the wire but it doesnt stay it just "pops" and then runs down the wire piece >_<