Thursday, March 19, 2015

Next WIP - Dino Quilt

Well, I'm back at my sewing machine again!

Man I love it. I wish I had more time to be there. After a full days work and then relaxing at home, by the time I'm really and relaxed and the little ones in bed, by pregnant hormonal self wants to climb early into bed too (and on some nights I do just that!)

I have managed to finish my next quilt top.
Using cute DINO PUNK material, I started on my first HST quilt.

All sewn together. I wish I had enough to do one more line across the top to finish the chevron :( but nope, this'll have to do. I'm thinking of constructing it like my last one, with a border and then without binding.

I do wish I had enough material patches to complete one more row along the top. But it'll have to do.
Next will be to find a cute backing material for the reverse side and then i'll start the quilting process.

Hope you like it :)


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