Wednesday, October 1, 2014

I've made a start...

I've made a start on another baby quilt. I'm finding it so hard to resist fabrics at the moment, as for the first time in forever I want to stash stash stash! Normally with other crafts I try to buy stuff project by project - otherwise I'll end up with an overloaded stash like I did with beads. But this time, stashing fabric feels SO RIGHT! yeah baby!

I really love patchwork, and I have seen loads of blocks that I want to do. For now however, I'll be practicing my squares patchwork aligning with lush little off cuts or small patchwork packets. 

I've been cutting tonight, whilst watching "Prison break" for the 3rd time. There's not much on tv in the evenings at the moment so I've hit the DVD collection.

so, squares are cut. Actually - that's a lie. SOME of the squares are cut. I still need to do lots more white and I want to go shopping for a solid colour to add in, maybe a pink. 

What do you think?

Hopefully I'll continue to make progress on it over thus upcoming bank holiday weekend. 

Love to you all

My lesson learnt today: ALWAYS HAVE SPARE ROTARY CUTTER BLADES. (Yes, I need to buy some blades ASAP too!)